There is a lot of research done on how storytelling helps people remember facts easier. When that story also evokes emotion, that emotion leads to a decision.

In student housing, we are trying to get prospects, tenants, and employees to make decisions all the time.  But how many of us are using story telling on our leasing tour, or in a roommate mediation, or in our employee training?

In this episode Wes sits down with the host of the Storytelling 2.0 podcast and the new Head of People & Culture at Cardinal Group Management, Peter Lynch, to talk about how we can harness the power of storytelling to make sure your property is memorable to your prospects and to provide real impact to the people you lead.  We also listen to an audio clip from our Southwest Regional Summit where we sit down with the true professionals of storytelling, the leadership team at Waco Tours, to discuss how telling the stories of their little city has turned into a thriving business.

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