Gen Z doesn’t know a world without the Playstation in it.  The oldest Gen Z’ers have been taking pictures with iPhone since they were 10.  Pencil renderings certainly doesn’t spark their imagination and photos and videos from a “similar property” that was built somewhere else evokes questions about what their community will and won’t have. 

So it seems only natural that as operators, we now are looking to virtual reality to create that connection with prospects.  Regardless if you are developing a property or currently operating a student property, VR is increasingly becoming a necessary sales tool for your website.

One of the companies that is creating VR tours for student housing is uForis based in Vancouver, Canada.  Why is Vancouver important?  Because that’s where EA Sports’ largest developer studio is located.  We’re talking about game developers that created games like FIFA Soccer and Madden Football.  uForis was founded by these same developers from EA Sports.  So as you can imagine… their commitment to quality is deep.

Recently I sat down with 2 of the Founders from uForis, Dora Cheng and David Li to talk to them about why they chose to move from the gaming industry to create VR renderings of Real Estate and their journey into student housing.

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