Creating programming and developing experiences to help foster a sense of community is essential to the success of a university as well as any off-campus student properties.  That task was tough in a pre-COVID world.  Both university res-life departments and off-campus managers are now trying to figure out what those experiences will look like this fall while the virus is still prevalent.  Things as simple as a pizza party now must take into consideration 100 other issues related to sanitization and reducing the spread of germs.  In this episode, we sit down with folks who have been tasked with developing those experiences while understanding public health guidelines.  The purpose is to help others who are tasked with the same responsibility who may need some idea to spark their own creativity and to outline points that need to be considered.


  • Dr. Jamie Panven, Assistant VP of Student Success & Resident Retention - Radford University
  • Adam Yarber, Director of Resident Experience - Campus Advantage
  • Shari Bethea, Regional Leasing Specialist - Varsity Campus


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