This summer, which has been dubbed the Summer of George Floyd after his death at the hands of a police officer, the voices I’ve heard from those that work in the student housing industry have two major themes: 1. Internal reflection about unconscious biases about race, gender, and sexual orientation that may determine decisions and reactions that we were not aware of. 2. How will this impact our student residents, and how can we make them feel safe and supported. It’s time we (as an industry) start talking about these things. We may not have the answers, but we have to start the discussion and shine a light on these issues. This discussion is the next step SHI is taking to continue this discussion. In a previous session, we talked about ways the industry needs to prepare itself for a fall semester that is not only unique because of the pandemic but also how "our students" will likely react to politically charged rhetoric this election season. For today’s discussion, we want to focus on “our people” – the employees, our supervisors, or executive leadership, even ownership structures and what is on our minds about changes that should be made to provide a more diverse and inclusive industry.

This episode includes the following speakers:

  • Host - Wesley Deese (CEO of Student Housing Insight)
  • Guest Co-Host - Angela Shaw (VP of HR @ Campus Advantage)


  • Gretta Dare (President of Fetch Marketing)
  • Adam Yarber (Dir of Resident Experience @ Campus Advantage)
  • Ashlei Elise (Dir of Marketing & Leasing @ Varsity Campus)
  • Willie Butler (Principal @ Empower Property Management Consulting)
  • Billie Peterson (Portfolio Sales & Marketing Mgr @ Cardinal Group Management)
  • Lincoln Ogata (VP at EZ Turn)
  • Terence Jackson (Exec Dir. of Cayce Cove @ Pierce Education)
  • Jackie Pingel (Client Success Mgr@ Peak Campus)


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