There are THREE Student Housing Conferences in the month of September!  After all, September is the time when the student housing clocks get reset which makes it a great time to network, reflect, discuss, and make some changes. In this episode, Wes dissects the 3 conferences and interviews 2 of the organizers to review what's on the agendas and what attendees can expect at each one. Interviews include Kara Breazeale of Bisnow, and Matthew Berger and Dave Borsos of NMHC.

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00:00 - Qira

03:29 - Intro & Turn Stories

09:18 - Interview w/ Bisnow's Kara Breazeale

17:20 - Canadian Student Housing Conference

20:12 - Interview w/ NMHC's Matthew Berger and Dave Borsos

Links mentioned in this episode:

Bisnow's Student Housing & University Development Conference

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North American Investment for Student Housing Conference

NMHC's Annual Student Housing Conference    

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