On July 1, 2020 the NCAA passed legislation to allow student athletes to receive monetary compensation for the use of their Name, Image, and Likeness or more commonly referred to as NIL.  This has open up a world of opportunities for student athletes and it's also giving student housing providers a unique opportunity to hire student athletes to promote their community.  But is it as easy as it sounds?

In this episode we share a recent webinar where we discussed NIL with those that are closest to It.  Our panelists included Darren Heitner with Heitner Legal, Jason Bergman with MarketPryce, and Mike Blewitt with CSMG.

Wes and Gretta also sit down with former NFL player Chase Minnifield of EZ Turn to talk about his perspective as a former student athlete and what student housing operators should think about when making an NIL offer to a student athlete.

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