In this episode, Adam Yarber from Campus Advantage hosts a special live podcast at NMHC's Student Housing Conference.  The Topic?  Reputation Management!  Adam sits down with Lindsay Brown (SVP of Leasing & Marketing at Campus Advantage), Ryan Hand (VP of Business Development at CA Ventures), Camille Dameron and Tori Sypert (both are Solutions Account Managers at Realpage) to have an honest conversation about what all has to be considered in structuring a reputation management strategy for student housing communities.

Then, Wes sits down with Rich Kelley from France Media to discuss what's on tap for the upcoming LeaseCon/TurnCon conference in Dallas on December 15th.

This episode is sponsored by Vector Travel.  If you want to learn more about how to turn your completely vacant units into short term rentals, go to

For more information on LeaseCon/TurnCon, Click Here

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