Gretta Dare is owner and president of The Status Agency.  Gretta has an intuitive yet methodical skill set of being able to drop herself into a market and a community and within 48 hours she can verbally paint a picture of that market, it's needs, and how your product will or currently is perceived in the market.  I'm amazed at how deadly accurate she can be as well.  I can say that because she worked for me as my VP of Marketing & Leasing in a previous life.  Last year, Gretta left the day to day operations of a large student housing company to start Status Agency which is a marketing agency that not only serves student housing and multi-family clients, but she has a huge focus on small businesses and entrepreneurs.  In the episode with Gretta we focus on the fact that marketing is more about the research and less about the design and feel of the product and your logo.  And that's why I start with this podcast 1st because this is really where developments and rehab projects need to be conceived... after the research has been analyzed and you understand the needs of the market.

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