Turn is less than 2 months away for most off-campus housing and it's already underway for on-campus.  Outside of regular inspections throughout the academic year, the one best tool for organizing the process and to ensure what needs to be done gets done... is the TURN BOARD.  Turn boards, have evolved over the years.  PM Software has even tried building it but have left a lot to be desired.  But 3 years ago our co-host, Lincoln Ogata, set out to create not just a turn board application but a complete platform that addresses the short falls and inefficiencies of managing turn.  That platform is called EZ Turn.  In this episode Wes and Lincoln talk about the evolution of the turn board and the processes for both on and off-campus and why EZ Turn solves so many problems for the industry.

This episode is sponsored by SimpleBills!  Regardless if your residents pay utility providers directly or if it is billed through the property, SimpleBills can provide residents and property managers an easier way to handle the process and provide insight to managers and residents on how they can save on their utilities.  Contact them today at www.SimpleBills.com

2018's Turn Episode can be found here: https://studenthousing.podbean.com/e/shi-3006-2018-summer-turn-episode-with-lincoln-ogata/

Do you have questions about this episode or anything in regards to the student housing industry?  Send us an email at contact@studenthousinginsight.com .

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