SHI 0408 - Finish Strong

The academic year is coming to a close and so is your leasing season.  Move-outs are days away and Summer Turn will be in full swing.  And you are already thinking about move-in day and starting your renewal campaign.  The best way to ensure a strong start to next year is to finish strong this year.  In this episode we go through a laundry list of things you should be thinking about in order to ensure a strong finish.  Additionally, we sit down with Josh Renberg from Entrata, Steve Carter from Carter-Young, and JoAnn Orrell with Unilodgers to discuss leveraging their companies' services and their tips to ensure a strong finish.  Even if you are an experienced site manager, maintenance manager, or oversee a portfolio of properties, this episode is a great reminder of things you should be focused on as move-out day approaches.

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