So we are starting to close out 2019 as we are in the last 7 weeks or so of the year.  Here at SHI we’ve already done a lot of reflection this past year and we’re now planning out 2020.

You know, in Student Housing and working within the academic calendar you really never get a good chance to do that.  It has to happen while you’re either finishing out a leasing season or starting a new one.  So at our last 2 regional summits in Waco and Charlotte we put a panel together, just to talk about what everyone learned in 2019 and how we planned on altering things for the 2020 lease-up cycle.

We called the session, Rearview Mirrors and Windshields.

In this episode we replay the panel from our Southeast Summit in Charlotte with was moderated by Kevin Sealy, President at Valeo Student.  The panelist included:

Ashlei Elise, Regional Leasing & Marketing Manager for Landmark

Nayshan Cook, CEO at Resident Reach

Sam Winn, Director at AgencyFifty3

So these guys are not only seeing things at the ground level at the leasing offices and on campus, but they are also seeing it from a social media engagement and digital spend perspective as well.  This is one you are going to want to take notes on and make sure you pick up on the things that surprised them this past year and how they are adjusting.


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