Universities are extending their 2 week remote study status until the end of the semester and many are extending it through the summer.  With students gone from campus and the leasing season in full swing, property managers are scrambling to figure out how to reach students and making sure the right message is communicated during these unprecedented circumstances.


In this special episode of the Student Housing Insight podcast, Wes & Gretta go through several guidelines of how properties should be pivoting their marketing expenses to better reach students where they are.  We also sit down with Michael Newton, founder of Swarm, to discuss how to use Brand Ambassadors when students are back at their permanent addresses.  Nay Cook, CEO at Resident Reach, also gives us some quick tips on how to make sure your property videos are engaging and sending the right message during this time.


This episode is sponsored by uForis VR.  To sign up for their special “Scan it Yourself” 3D tour, click here:  https://www.studenthousinginsight.com/uforis-covid19

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SWARM Co; www.swarm.co

Email Michael Newton at m@swarm.co


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Free Toolkit and schedule an appointment:  www.free.myresidentreach.com

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