Bryan Alexander is an internationally known futurist who has dedicated his career to researching how technology will transform the future of higher education.  This dedication made him the "go-to advisor" for publications like The Chronicle of Education and other national media outlets, as well as institutions and companies when COVID-19 thrust faculty and students into remote study in order to finish out the spring semester.

In this episode, Wes sits down with Bryan in a keynote fireside chat from SHI's spring webinar series, "Planning for Fall 2020."  They review higher ed's wins and losses from the spring semester as well as short and long term impacts COVID-19 will likely have on the industry.  Additionally, Bryan reviews his 3 likely scenarios that will play out for fall 2020 and how student housing will likely be impacted.

This episode is sponsored by Carter-Young, Inc.

Resources mentioned:

Bryan's website:

Bryan newest books:  Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education

Wes's LinkedIn Article:  What College Campuses May Look Like this Fall... From the Perspective of an Off-Campus Housing Professional

SHI's YouTube Channel

Link for SHI's webinar series on COVID-19's Impact on Student Housing.

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