The US is confronting a lot of diversity issues in the wake of the recent police brutality events and the homicide of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.  This has resulted in a litany of protests and rioting.  With on-going stresses to the economy and mental health with the COVID 19 pandemic combined with political narratives with the upcoming presidential election this November, there is a perfect recipe not only protests to occur on college campuses this fall but for there to be unrest between different demographics and ideology of students.

Student Housing operators have a unique opportunity to help guide students through this time in a healthy and productive way.  To ignore that opportunity could result in huge financial losses for an off-campus community.

In this episode, Wes sits down with Terence Jackson of Pierce Education Properties and Quan McLaurin, formerly the diversity retention director at Liberty University who resigned in protest of recent public comments made by university leadership.  The discussion focuses on what property managers and housing administrators can expect this fall as it relates to students' sentiments related to diversity and how to use programming and operating protocols to help students feel heard and appreciated.

This episode is sponsored by Carter-Young and Associates.

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