Last summer we asked the question if it makes sense to list vacant student housing apartments as short term rentals on platforms like Air BnB.  The conclusion?  In most cases it will probably work, but we highly recommend having a service provider partner with you as it is very management intensive and also opens the door to a lot of liability when a management company does it themselves.  The service provider we recommend is Vector Travel!  They do this for a ton of student housing clients and they get the challenges of introducing a transient business model to a student housing property.


With the COVID 19 pandemic causing extra vacancy in a lot of student housing markets, we wanted to bring in Vector Travel's CEO, Mickey Kropf, to talk about how the short term rental has been impacted by COVID 19 and how they can help the student housing industry turn their vacant units into short term rental income that in some cases may outpace market rents.


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To get more information from Vector Travel and to qualify for ZERO fees on the first month of service, go to 

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