The majority of our listeners hold site (or property) level positions.  I'm often asked by those listeners, "Wes, how do I move up in this industry and into a corporate level position?"  Well, I felt it was best to take that question to a panel of student housing executives who have made that journey from being a site level employee and ask them what they did and more importantly, what they are looking for when considering a site level employee for a regional or corporate level position.  In this episode, I sit down with:

  • Mitch Smith, COO of Scion Group
  • Casey Peterson, COO of Peak Campus
  • Madison Meier, VP of Biz Dev w/ Campus Advantage
  • Holly Golebioski, VP of Operations w/ Homestead U
  • Eddie Moreno, VP of Operations w/ Cardinal Group Management

If you are currently in a site level position and you desire or you are curious about advancing, this is a must listen!

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