Tarrifs, skilled labor shortage, and a development boom have combined to create the perfect storm on construction costs.  Wesley Deese and guest co-host Chad Collins interview Giny Knudsen with CEI in Nashville to discuss the type of increases seen over the past year and we try to read the tea leaves as to how this all shakes out.  Don't miss this highly requested topic!

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To view the referenced article regarding skill trade shortage, click here: www.tradesmeninternational.com/news-events/the-construction-labor-shortage-where-did-all-the-skilled-labor-go/

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To contact the host, Wesley Deese:  wes@ProvidentialStudentHousing.com

To contact the guest co-host, Chad Collins:  chad.collins@studenthome.com

To contact the guest, Giny Knudsen:  gknudsen@ceitn.net

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