Lisa Brooks and Brooks Short from South Park Interiors discuss the importance of interior design and "programming" is important during the early stages of a student housing development.  SPI is an interior design firm that has specialized in student housing.  Their president, Martha Thomley, was actually an active partner with a student housing developer... so these ladies really understand the developer's point of view.  That specialization in student housing over the past decade has now made them a "go to" source when it comes to consulting developers of conventional apartment communities that are targeting millennials.  But it was great having them in studio and really understanding how important it is to have an interior designer be a part of the design process from the beginning of a project.


Speaker Information

Name:                  BROOKS SHORT  

Title:                     Principal at SPI and Lead Designer

How long with the company:      5 years/ 6 years


Facebook:           SouthPark Interiors

Instagram:          SouthPark Interiors


Phone #:              704-333-3566

Speaker Information

Name:                  LISA BROOKS

Title:                     Principal at SPI

How long with the company:       12 years


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