This episode discusses the #1 question I get as a consultant... WHAT ABOUT THE INTERNET?!?!?! Seriously, it is the question I get asked the most and it is followed by a list of interrogatories about how much speed is needed, how long should the contract be, and how do you handle wi-fi.  So I brought in a consultant to the industry on this specific topic.  Jerry Presley from Extensive Networks out of Colorado. In that episode we really break down these questions and give you some of the terminology you need to be familiar with before having a conversation with a service provider.


Speaker Information

Name: Jerry Presley

Title: Manager

How long with the company and long with related career experience: I founded a wireless Internet company in 1998 using licensed microwave frequencies, that was sold to Sprint. Extensive Networks was formed in 2000 to provide Internet services to Student Housing properties.



Phone #: 720-529-8515

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