This podcast is just a preview of some interviews and changes coming to the podcast this fall.

  1. We will be finishing up the series on development with the following topics:

    1. Picking a Management Firm - Wesley Deese
    2. Structuring the Deal - Susan Folkemer from Priess Co
    3. Picking a General Contractor - David Helfrich from Campus Works
    4. Working with Universities - Top Secret
    5. Debt for PBSH - Steven Guggenmos from Freddie Mac
  2. I'm mixing it up by adding 2 new co-hosts
    1. Gretta Dare from the Status Agency
    2. Dr. April Konvalinka will be addressing several on-campus topics.
  3. The podcast is now being sponsored.  This means we will introducing you to some folks in the industry that felt it was so needed that they are paying us to make sure it continues!
  4. Better website.

Check us out at and you can reach me by email at 


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